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mallet imageClick here to see how steel drums are made.

Fancy Pans Steel Drums was established in 1993 by Michael Perkins and Linda Kemer in Ben Lomond, California, and is now based near Eugene, Oregon.

Michael began his career over 20 years ago building and tuning steel drums. Eventually he apprenticed with Ellie Mannette, one of the world's most renowned craftsmen of this instrument. Michael continues to be the primary craftsman and tuner for Fancy Pans. Linda is the business manager and shop assistant, and one of the very few women working in the field of steel drum construction.

Today, the company is recognized as an industry leader in the production of compact and innovative steel drums. Our drums are enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities and are used in school programs, music camps and workshops. Fancy Pans products can be found in music stores and catalogs throughout the USA.

Michael's Youtube Videos:
Steel pan history 7:27
Patty jenness audio slide show 1:33
Steel pan redemption: Behind Bars and Beyond 10:11
Steel pan drum - Evolution of Sound 2:27
Apocalypso plays Bamboo Stick 3:21
Apocalypso plays U-Safe 3:21
Apocalypso plays Calypso Medley 6:22

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