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mini pan imagefree mallets and stand!Mini Pan Series

All Mini Pans are made from 14" diameter barrels and have a 4" skirt length. Drums are harmonically tuned to A 440. All pans come with a table top stand and playing mallets. These items are NOT TOYS. They are high quality small steel drums being played and enjoyed by thousands of individuals, schools and instructional programs.

Model NumberDescriptionPriceImage
16CKey of C — 1½ octave range, 12 notes 210.0016C16C2
16GKey of G — 1½ octave range, 12 notes 210.0016G
16LGKey of G — octave lower 9 notes 210.0016LG 16LG2
16PPentatonic scale - C major - 9 notes 210.0016P
16WTWild Things — 14" G major pentatonic - festive skirts
choice of skirt patterns: Tiger, Ethnic, Zebra
(a.k.a. 16DBL)
Chromatic Double Set — almost 2 octaves on 2 drums 350.0016DM16DM2
16TTSTable top stand and playing mallets package25.0016TTS
16FLSTFloor stand and mallets for Mini Pans series40.0016FLST
16MALPlaying mallets for Mini Pans series7.50

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